Ahoy… From the Commodore

I am very pleased to report that the Post 291 E-Board voted Tuesday night to restore the

American Legion Yacht Club back as a program of Post 291! Through a series of votes, the

board first corrected the injustice of the termination, and then accepted a letter from me that acknowledged our acceptance of the Five Rules. With that in hand, the board approved our current bylaws, accepted the ALYC board, and removed the suspension. Last, a committee was formed to review the Veterans 291 Yacht Club and offer a recommendation back to the E-Board at their August meeting.

The ALYC and Post 291 are united again!

This would not have been possible without the sacrifice and hard work of many people. My

predecessors Doug Green and Mike Berdine, who both tried so hard to resolve what turned out to be an unresolvable impasse with the old Post 291 E-Board. The 2018 and 2019 ALYC board of directors, who endured many long nights debating our options and carried the stress and weight of these wrenching decisions. And to our members, who supported us through emails and calls, personal visits, and attended our General Meetings and offered ideas and encouragement. You also made this all possible by voting or encouraging others to vote, or just helping get out the vote on election night. I will never forget the sight of so many members, literally risking everything to make sure the word got out and every voter saw our cheerful members on the way in to vote.

And to this new Post 291 E-Board, we owe a debt of gratitude. Each and every one of these

new members took a leap of faith, had the courage to fight for what was right, knowing full well that they would be criticized and mocked. Specifically, we recognize the living example of sacrificial leadership from our new commander Jon Reynolds, who accepted the call and stepped up to bear the mantle of leadership of this E-Board.

This new post E-Board did not decide to run for office just because of ALYC. They did it because what happened to ALYC was a symptom of a far greater problem. They saw the purpose, vision, and opportunity of what Post 291 and ALYC can do together if we work for the common good. Our American Legion Post and our American Legion Yacht Club have a very unique opportunity through the power of this beautiful location, and the strength of so many great people, to serve our members and serve the Veteran community in a way that no other Post can. I promise you that the ALYC board sees this unique opportunity we have been given, and will continue to bring you activities and connection opportunities with others who share your love of the sea, using our unique platform to bring more Veterans and their families to witness the healing power of sailing, boating, diving, and the brotherhood that develops from sharing in this together.

And you don’t have to wait long, because around the corner is Independence Day! ALYC is

taking this opportunity of our rebirth to celebrate. We will be raising our club burgee and flags back to their rightful position atop our flag pole at 11:00AM on July 4. Please come for breakfast at the Post between 7-11AM, and then raise a glass and toast ALYC and Post 291 at our flag raising.

If you are not entered in the Old Glory Parade, there is still time to do it! Register online at

alyc.com and come to a Skipper’s Meeting in the Hut at 6:00PM Wednesday July 3 rd for your paperwork. Yesterday we fielded a call from the CNN news bureau in Washington DC and they are sending a video crew to report on our parade. So the word is out, and we want to get the maximum number of boats out there! Please help us get more of your boats and your friends’ boats signed up.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to seeing you on Independence Day!

Welcome home.


Bruce Batcheller

2019 Commodore

American Legion Yacht Club


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