The Yacht Club has been abuzz with a continuous flurry of activities, all made possible by the dedicated efforts of numerous volunteers. Our waterfront experiences have been nothing short of memorable, with highlights ranging from harbor cruises catering to our members and esteemed veterans, to thoughtfully orchestrated adaptive sailing events that have left a lasting impact.

Mark your calendars, as the second Saturday of every month marks our unmissable Patio socials. A lively rendezvous, these gatherings offer a chance to forge new friendships and reconnect with fellow members, all while relishing the vibrant atmosphere.

Exciting news sails in with the recent addition of a Duffy electric boat to our already impressive fleet. With eager anticipation, we're in the process of certifying members, ushering in a new era of aquatic enjoyment. Meanwhile, our vessel "Valor" has maintained a dynamic schedule, hosting everything from whale watching cruises and wine tastings, to the spectacle of boat parades. The year embarked with our first cruise to Dana Point, an event that saw us being graciously hosted by the Dana West Yacht Club. An evening filled with camaraderie and memorable moments; it featured an onboard wine tasting that added a touch of sophistication to the occasion. As we set our sights on the horizon, an upcoming cruise to the scenic Emerald Bay promises to be another unforgettable journey.

The warmth of summer has not only ignited a passion for racing but also marked the triumph of our racing season. Scott Barnes and the race committee orchestrated impeccably designed courses and enticing prizes, ensuring that each race was a success. Post-race celebrations, where awards and camaraderie flow freely, have consistently lit up the nights. Noteworthy is the inception of the C’s the Day Harbor 20 race by Scott, a brilliant innovation where seasoned racers teamed up with novice sailors. The waters not only witnessed exhilarating competition but also offered a platform for sharing racing insights, with a pre-race presentation on the rules adding an educational dimension.

Venturing into the deep, Wyatt Hoag has propelled the Dive and Snorkel club to unparalleled heights. Monthly meetings serve as captivating platforms for enthusiasts to share insights and plan aquatic escapades. A remarkable highlight was the club's trip to Fiji, a five one-week odyssey marked by unforgettable dives, leisure, and boundless enjoyment. For those intrigued by the underwater world, or aspiring to become certified divers, the 4th Wednesday of every month opens the door to a world of possibilities. Guided by Wyatt's expertise, anyone can embark on a journey of exploration and certification.

A significant landmark was etched into our calendar on May 7th – our 57th Opening Day ceremony. Despite the looming presence of a colossal crane in the parking lot, the spirit of celebration was in no way diminished. A boat parade around the harbor was the crescendo of the day, an exuberant proclamation of our Opening Day to fellow yacht clubs. The festivities surged forward with a Stand-up Paddleboard clinic overseen by the experienced hand of Jim Palmer, followed by a Duffy Scavenger hunt in which our very own Duffy participated.

A spectacle of patriotism unfolded during the Old Glory Boat Parade, where an impressive fleet of 45 registered boats paraded in all their glory. Leading this spirited procession was "Valor," with none other than Joe Cartwright, the Chief of Police of Newport Beach, as our esteemed Grand Marshal. The day resonated with a deeper meaning as we welcomed Airmen and Marines aboard, offering them a chance to experience our VIP boats firsthand.

In these vibrant waters, every day is an opportunity to sail into a new adventure, united by a shared love for the sea and a steadfast sense of community. The Yacht Club's legacy continues to be etched with every wave, every sail, and every heartfelt gathering.

Very Respectfully,

David Campagnari

Your 2024 Commodore

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