US Sailing

Many of the learning opportunities and sailing events we enjoy at the American Legion Yacht Club are made available to us by US Sailing, the national governing body for our sport.

US Sailing is a non-profit, member supported organization.  Every US Sailing member contributes to the development and availability of the programs we benefit from at ALYC.   

Please join the American Legion Yacht Club in doing our part by becoming a US Sailing member today.  We are US Sailing.

ALYC is a US Sailing MVP Partner.  Through our MVP Program, you will receive up to 20% off your US Sailing membership dues.  The club will receive a portion of your dues in our US Sailing MVP account to expand access to US Sailing programs such as instructor training, seminars, program materials and supplies.

US Sailing's resources and programs are essential to our sport.  Please join today - US Sailing membership.

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